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May 20, 2014: Final project review in Edinburgh
April 26, 2014: Presentations of project results at Dialog in Motion!
April 17, 2013: Second year review in Edinburgh
March 1, 2013: Our WoZ data site launched.
November 20, 2012: Mid-term review in Edinburgh.
September 24-25, 2012: Third Science Meeting in Cambridge.
August 3, 2012: Major Milestone : Our first integrated prototype is working in Edinburgh!
April 18th, 2012: First year review in Barcelona.
March 5-7th, 2012: Second Science Meeting in Edinburgh.
October 4-5th, 2011: First Science Meeting in Stockholm.
March 8-9th, 2011: Kick-off meeting in Edinburgh.
Feb 22, 2011: Project website and wiki launched.